Crude oil contract specification margin NYMEX

Crude oil contract specification margin NYMEX

[Review] Baker Hughes released data on May 4, showing that as of the week of May 4, the number of active oil wells in the Crude oil contract specification margin NYMEXUnited States increased by 9 to 84, recording growth for five consecutive weeks and hitting a new monthly high in 205 years. . More data shows that the total number of active oil and gas wells in the United States increased to 02 in the week ending May 4.

According to an analysis of US regulatory documents by Reuters, as of the end of the first quarter, a total of four shale producers in West Texas had hedged their oil output of 100 million barrels next year, compared with 40 million at the end of the fourth quarter of last year. barrel.

Not only is the overall reduction in crude oil imports, but also no crude oil imports from the United States. Due to the impact of the trade war, taxes were imposed on U.S. crude oil imports and replaced with West African and Middle Eastern crude oil. An executive at an independent Shandong refinery said that their refinery has cancelled orders for crude oil from the United States. Next, more and more refineries will take similar actions. Recently, the United States has imposed sanctions on Iran, and most countries that import crude oil from Iran have withdrawn their capital because of fear. Instead, it will increase imports of Iranian crude oil. Sinopec executives stated that although crude oil imports from the United States in July will not be affected, future purchases cannot be guaranteed.

I am not saying that we are moving from one agreement to another, I said this is an aspect of the problem, Macron said. He added that I have never criticized the Iran nuclear agreement because I think we can effectively increase it.

If the production restriction agreement is so disintegrated, will there be an explosion in demand to compensate for the increase in inventory? According to EIA estimates, the world will consume 6.5 billion barrels of crude oil in 208, but the new output of traditional energy sources including liquid oil and natural gas was only 6.7 billion barrels in 207, and it basically showed a downward trend year by year. At present, supply is still less than demand.

Analysts including Beveridge wrote in the report that oil companies have been forced to focus on improving returns and shareholder dividends at the expense of capital expenditures aimed at finding new supplies. Analysts said that this approach will lead to insufficient investment in the industry, and any supply shortaCrude oil contract specification margin NYMEXge will boost crude oil prices soaring, and may even be much higher than the sky-high price of US$50/barrel in 2008. At that time, the increase in demand and the lack of existing resources pushed up oil prices, and the price of Brent crude oil rose to a historical high of more than $47 per barrel, so that period was also called the super cycle super

In a bear market, there are often irrational plunges. In this tide of mud and sand, some stocks with investment or speculative value will fall to low prices that are usually unattainable. Investors must have long-term holdings. Be patient and avoid indiscriminate stop-loss orders.

To sum up, the results of the OPEC meeting did not meet the market's expectations for increased production. The market still believes that the supply is insufficient. With the increase in demand for crude oil during the driving season, the strong global demand for crude oil is expected to continue to push up oil prices. As long as there is no black swan event in the crude oil market in July, oil prices are expected to continue to rise. 80 dollars may no longer be far away.

How to deal with the quilt of spot crude oil investment? It is common to invest in quilts, but it is not impossible to solve the quilt, so we must be calm and not rushing. Below, the editor of China Petroleum Finance Network will teach you how to solve the quilt slips when trading crude oil. Minor set orders are basically not a big deal, but it should be noted that do not have any fluke psychology. Once the point is reached, you must choose to leave without hesitation, otherwise there will be the risk of placing orders again. If the set order is not solved afterwards, it is easy to be locked. Although the lock order controls the loss of the set order, the same daily overnight fee is not affordable for every investor. At this time, you need to calm down and start from Cycle to judge the trend. In addition, the position re-selects to lighten up the order to maintain the balance of funds. If the set is deep, and the market may continue to go in a disadvantageous direction. Then you need to do a reverse order depending on the actual situation of your own funds to increase the net value of the position. But it should be noted that you must not make a set of orders in the same direction, lest the market continues to deteriorate. To sum up, for the spot crude oil quilt sheet, it should be let go when it is time to let go, to eliminate the gambler mentality. You must not hesitate, procrastinate again and again, and you must not blindly resist. Moreover, the mentality must be corrected. Even if there is a loss, it is inevitable. A good mentality determines the size of the loss.