Crude oil price per barrel today

Crude oil price per barrel today

Recently, low interest rates have become the norm, and major central banks around the world have expressed that they do not rule out the possibility of interest rate cuts, and many central banks Crude oil price per barrel todayhave even completed their rate cuts. Global economic development has entered a new normal, and interest rate cuts may be the best weapon to deal with the new normal.

In addition, from January 1st to 5th, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA monthly report, OPEC monthly report, and IEA monthly report will be released one after another. Earlier news said that Saudi and Venezuela’s oil production fell by a record, the OPEC monthly report announced Will reveal the answer to this mystery.

Wherever there are crowds, there will be disputes. In the disputed groups, there are three kinds of people: the foresight, the hindsight and the unknowing. When the opinions of some people are verified by the market, retail investors will grow up. Pay attention to and follow time, and this will affect more people at the same time. Therefore, following the trend is a common social phenomenon. Often when most retail investors see the direction clearly, that is when the market is about to change suddenly. I remember a famous saying that the eyes of the masses are bright, but in asphalt investment analysis, this sentence has the opposite meaning. Everyone can see it clearly. The possibility of error is the greatest, so most retail investors It becomes a member of the masses.

Rule believes that even if the latest US data on April 25 showed that API crude oil inventories in the week ended April 20 unexpectedly increased by 0.9 million barrels to 2.9 billion barrels, it would be difficult to prevent oil prices from returning to rising after a short correction.

It is reported that Iran’s August crude oil and condensate exports will fall below 70 million barrels for the first time, the lowest level since April 207. But what worries the market is that there is still some time before the second round of sanctions imposed by the United States on the 4th, but the weakness of Iran's crude oil exports may mean a further decline in crude oil supply.

The API data in the morning was very profitable. The data showed that API crude oil inventories unexpectedly fell by 2.05 million barrels, far exceeding the expected drop of 10,000 barrels and an increase of 920,000 barrels from the previous value. This data shows that everyone should understand everything. The decline in supply is bound to be positive for oil prices, so the opening of the Asian market in the morning led to the direct opening of the asphalt. On the whole, oil is bullish in the short-term, and we still focus on low and long operations in the day. It is better to step back and do long. The future trend can only be determined by the release Crude oil price per barrel todayof this EIA data.