Nadex crude oil contract specifications

Nadex crude oil contract specifications

As of 05 Beijing time, Brent crude oil fell 0.4% Nadex crude oil contract specificationsto 78 US dollars per barrel; US WTI crude oil rose 0.07% to 694 US dollars per barrel, yesterday hit a two-week high of 66 US dollars.

On the first trading day of the month, A-shares achieved a good start driven by artificial intelligence and the gold sector. The Shanghai Composite Index closed up 0.%, the Shenzhen Component Index closed up 4%, and the Growth Enterprise Market closed up 0.84%. However, it should be noted that the A-shares collectively rose and fell in the afternoon, and the Shanghai stock index was once close to turning green.

The market opened on Monday, July 8. Due to the unsuccessful military coup in Turkey, the market did not show the expected risk aversion. Precious metals and crude oil opened slightly lower, but Turkey accused Gülen, a dissident in exile in the United States, for being involved in the military coup and requested the United States to extradite him. Not only that, Turkey has also blocked NATO military bases in the country, and there are obvious rifts in the relations between Turkey and the United States. Therefore, the uncertainty brought by the Turkish political turmoil to the global financial market will be difficult to eliminate for a while.

Stephen Brunnock, an analyst at crude oil broker PVM, believes that the current international crude oil market demand is slightly greater than the tight balance of supply, and it is likely to reverse in the first half of 209, when international oil prices will lose further upward momentum.

After the opening of the early trading on Wednesday, the crude oil trend continued yesterday’s rise. The oil price in the Asian session approached $66. However, the rise did not last long and then began to shrink. After entering the European session, crude oil almost gave up the Asian session. This scene is almost the same as yesterday’s trend. If you speculate according to yesterday's market trend, then before entering the U.S. session, crude oil prices may fall back to $65 again.

Although drilling data does not have a major impact on the trend of crude oil, the name of the small EIA is not a false name. Therefore, natural factors such as forest fires or earthquakes will destroy the number oNadex crude oil contract specificationsf wells or oil pipelines will cause crude oil to soar. The drilling data released early on Saturday morning is still a big positive value, which is negative for crude oil.