How do I find the spot price of Dubai Fatah crude oil

How do I find the spot price of Dubai Fatah crude oil

Let the profits run: It's scary to say: just hold the profit slip. The problem is that even if people in the spot knoHow do I find the spot price of Dubai Fatah crude oilw about trends, they don't know the stability of the fluctuation range and they don't know how to filter fluctuations. Even if they know the trend, they can't hold the list and watch the trend slip away from their hands. In the final summary, I comforted myself. I knew this trend. I was right, but I didn't hold the list.

According to the report, Rouhani gave a speech on official television and said: I want to tell those in the White House in the United States that if they do not fulfill their promises, the Iranian government will make a firm response. Rouhani also said: If anyone betrays this agreement, they should know that they will face serious consequences.

Although Japan and South Korea were affected by the high temperature in the summer, crude oil imports increased in July, up by about 0 million barrels/day from the average of 6 million barrels/day in the first half of the year; and Australia’s crude oil demand in July also increased. 40,000 barrels per day, but imports in July fell from an average of more than 8 million barrels per day in the first half of the year to 700,000 barrels per day. The increase in demand for crude oil in Japan, South Korea, and Australia has no effect at all.

At the same time, the United States has transformed from a net oil importer to a net oil exporter, and has achieved its long-awaited energy independence. Crude oil exports to the international market have risen to 2.5 million barrels per day for the first time, compared with the previous year in 207. The average increase of 500,000 barrels/day is nearly 2/. The United States has become an important force in the world's oil supply, and its influence on the international crude oil market is increasing day by day.

During this round of refined oil price adjustment cycle, London Brent and New York WTI crude oil futures prices rose sharply, and once again rose to a half-year high. The Price Monitoring Center of the National Development and Reform Commission believes that due to the previous OPEC production increase plan of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries lower than market expectations, crude oil prices in the international market have rebounded to recent highs under the leadership of supply disruptions and geopolitical risks. If these factors are not alleviated, short-term international oil prices may continue to rise. In the follow-up, we need to focus on the impact of OPEC crude oil supply, U.S. shale oil production increase, and geopolitical conflict in the Middle East on international oil prices.

The current round of domestic refined oil price adjustment coincides with the May 1st holiday. Private car owners and logistics companies will increase their fuel costs during the May 1st holiday. Based on an ordinary private car with a fuel tank capacity of 50L, after this prHow do I find the spot price of Dubai Fatah crude oilice adjustment, car owners will spend about 8 yuan more to fill a tank of fuel.

There are always scams of this kind in life, and the process of spot crude oil investment is also full of scams of this kind. The most direct one is the black platform. Irregular platforms directly increase the investment risk to 00%. How can this not let investors? There is a loss! High-yield trap Any long-term investment income has a reasonable investment income, but many people tend to prefer high-yield. At present, there are two types of high yields in the market, one is the outrageous high, which tempts great yields. The other is that traders need to submit their own crude oil trading accounts, and investors need to give their crude oil trading accounts to others to operate, thereby promising ultra-high yields, but in fact, this kind of high returns does not guarantee the safety of funds. Obviously deceptive. You can make money by paying money. I don’t understand, I don’t, I’m very busy and I don’t have time. The problem is a very real investment problem. And just when you are ignorant, your ears are soft. Once someone tells you that you don't need to do anything, you can make money as long as you invest in me, and you will easily fall into a scam. Therefore, don't have any illusions about making money by just paying for it. Just understand the market honestly and learn from it. The formal exchanges stipulated by the country that are greedy for small platform discounts are highly regulated as long as they trade according to the operating methods given by these oils. However, at present, there are at least hundreds of crude oil platforms on the market. When investors choose crude oil investment, they are basically discredited. Deceptive platforms will take advantage of it, and many phishing websites will take advantage of it. At the same time, in order to attract investors, some platforms will use ultra-low handling fees, ultra-low spreads, and ultra-low margins to stimulate you to open an account with all the offers you can think of, but when you want to withdraw money, it will be delayed. Drag until the platform website cannot be opened. Therefore, remember not to be greedy for small bargains, otherwise it is extremely easy to gain more than gain. Regarding the rebate theory, some platforms use the temptation to return the handling fee, attracting investors to say that as long as you come in to operate the platform and return the corresponding handling fee, do you think that the sky will really lose pie? Haha! Then you are wrong, in fact there are more The big trap is waiting for you to jump. You have to be careful about investing in this type of platform. Think about how he makes money when he returns you the handling fee? Isn't it just using the temptation of returning the handling fee to trick you into getting the bait, and then take it slowly You lose money, and all kinds of tricks can't stop until your treasury is emptied. Therefore, spot crude oil investment cannot be said to be a scam. It is just that some criminals use loopholes in spot crude oil investment to cheat. Investors only need to pay more attention.

In fact, regular crude oil investment will sign a "Customer Agreement" and a risk disclosure letter. The agreement will clearly indicate the risk of investment and the need to be cautious when entering the market in special conspicuous fonts. Most companies will also call back to inform customers of investment risks.