Crude Oil Trading Company

Crude Oil Trading Company

Netanyahu also stated that Iran has released lies to secretly manufacture nuclear weapons, and Crude Oil Trading Companythe Iran nuclear agreement was based on lies; at the same time, Israel has shared secret documents with the United States, and will share this document with the International Atomic Energy Agency. .

McNally pointed out that the market is currently too complacent. Investors may think this is similar to the direction of US-North Korea relations. Trump will complain on Twitter, but eventually he will meet with the Iranian president in Geneva to discuss and reach an agreement. But is it so simple?

Not only that, but oil prices may continue to fall in the coming months. The main reasons are: the market is overly concerned about supply. From September to October, oil prices rose four times in a row, precisely because of concerns about the shortage of crude oil supply after the market imposed sanctions on Iran. The average price of cloth oil in September was US$790, almost an overestimation of US$5. In other words, the market's concern about the shortage of crude oil supply is a bit too much.

This week’s two crude oil inventory data have received good news one after another. The data has been reduced by more than 9 million barrels. Coupled with the upcoming stronger sanctions on Iran by the United States, the price of crude oil has soared. On Tuesday, the market soared from US$68 to US$7. , Wednesday, the market set a new high to 7 US dollars, and on Thursday, it was good for further fermentation, and the oil price reached a new high of 70 US dollars. In just a few days, crude oil prices recovered all the declines since the end of May, and with these three rounds With a strong rise in the market, there is currently little negative in the oil market that can limit the rise of crude oil. I am afraid that in the next July, crude oil will further enter the $80 mark.

The U.S. dollar index maintained its upward trend and climbed to 965 earlier and further approached the 94 mark. This was due to higher U.S. Treasury yields and the latest Fed official speeches that released hawkish signals. In 208, the FOMC voting committee and Atlanta Fed President Bostic said that it was correct to confirm 2-4 interest rate hikes this year and raised the GDP growth forecast this year to 4-5%. Bostic said that after additional fiscal stimulus measures, he now supports three interest rate hikes this year. Overnight the Fed’s newcomer, Clarida, the nominee for vice chairman, expressed support for interest rate normalization at the hearing and hinted that the Fed may raise interest rates faster.

In addition, if we want to invest, we must recCrude Oil Trading Companyognize the risks and find ways to reduce them. This is our goal. If you blame the platform for being bad or slander it just because you are losing money, you cannot become a real investor. This type of person only thinks about making a lot of money in his pocket, and doesn't consider the situation of loss. Is he really suitable for investment?